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Effective Company Logo Design

For many businesses the difference between a strong and a week company logo design can often make or brake a business. But you may say “I have a fantastic business, service or products. Unfortunately in this day and age people literally will judge a book by it’s cover so first impressions really do count. If you truly have a great business or organisation let it show in your brand and company logo design. Let it show the quality, professionalism and value you bring to your clients and customers.

Our main aim is to create a look and feel in your company logo design that clearly communicates to your target audience.  We have create strong company brands that have helped many startup and established companies and organisations which has helped them in the company growth and success. It’s all about getting peoples attention and taking notice to what you do in a positive way.

The Creative Process

Here’s an overview of our logo/ brand creation process:

  1. Consultation – where we discuss your organisation and it’s direction, competitors, target audience, brand look and feel
  2. research – research the competitors in your industry, target audience etc
  3. design process – we will create 3 initial design concepts for your approval. From the 3 you can select the strongest one to develop further. We will then do another 2 rounds of amendments to completion.
  4. brand board – from the completed design we will create a brand board with variations of your logo, brand colour pallet and fonts
  5. Logo files – we will supply the final logo files in various print and web formats

For more info contact us or get a quote so we can create your new awesome company logo.

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