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Industry and Internal Communications Magazine Specialists

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Magazine Design

We design and produce a variety of publications for our clients worldwide. Our dedicated team of designers, editors and content creators have the skills and experience to take your project from conception to design, production, print and distribution. We can also offer editorial and advertising support if required.

The scope of our work spans from industry, lifestyle and a variety of internal communications magazines. We also assist companies and organisation design and produce promotional brochures, media packs and other professional documents.

We help our clients by connecting their brand with their target audience. We will research who your readers are, their likes and dislikes and create a look and feel and content that will resinate with them. Our goals is to bring value to your readers make your publication more dynamic and engaging.

Industry Magazine

Professional magazine design for niche industry markets.

Balfour Beatty internal communications magazine

Internal Communications Magazines

Publications that will keep your staff informed and engaged.

Lifestyle Magazine Design

Lifestyle Magazine

Our stylish lifestyle magazine designs will inspire and reflect the latest trends, modern and contemporary style.

Promotional Brochure Design

We can produce a brochure design that will create awareness of your course, business or services.

Advert Design

We can design a professional print ready publication advert design to promote your products or services. Choose from a full, half or quarter page advert format.

Just provide us with some copy text, high resolution logo and images (300dpi) and we’ll do the rest. 

Half page advert design

Ready to start your magazine project